Preparation surface Primer Ground Base First-coat Wall facades Undercoat W518 5-10L

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  • Tiefengrund is suitable as a primer for substrates such as cement and lime cement plaster, cement screed, gypsum, plaster and concrete, etc.
  • MADE IN GERMANY / Consumption: approx. 6-8m²/L
  • For floors, walls and facades
  • Easy to work and ready to use
  • The primer has a hardening effect, improving adhesion
  • Optimal substrate preparation for highly absorbent substrates
  • Indoor and outdoor adhesion intensifier enhancer
  • The primer reduces the consumption of coating materials
  • The First-coat is odorless and can therefore be used in the entire living area, even in rooms with insufficient ventilation
  • Note: stir well before use and do not use below + 5 ° C

Product characteristics:

To prepare the substrate for the application of subsequent coats. The primer can be applied to substrates such as concrete, plaster, thereby compensating for the absorbency of the substrate. When painting, less paint is required, and when wallpapering, the wallpaper is easier to remove from the surface.

  • Optimal substrate preparation for highly absorbent substrates indoors and outdoors
  • Solidifies the subsurface and creates suction compensation. Odorless, fast drying.
  • Very good depth effect, thereby deep consolidation of the subsoil
  • Strong reduction in the capillary absorbency of the substrate
  • Good penetration - penetrates deep into a wide variety of surfaces
  • Strong adhesion improvement
  • No diffusion effect
  • Easily resealable - professional canister

    Preparation of the subsurface:

    Substrates must be stable, clean, dry and free of grease. Remove loose parts. Wash off washable surfaces with a high pressure cleaner.

    Can be thinned: With water, but not recommended as it is ready to use.

    Can be painted over: approx. 10-12 hours

    Coverage: approx. 7m² / L

    For consolidating and priming sanding, porous and highly absorbent mineral substrates such as plaster, concrete and masonry. Due to the high penetration depth, our primer is particularly suitable for our W700 Floor paint and W516 Facade paint . The Primer is easy to work with, ensures a reduced, even surface absorbency and is therefore the optimal pretreatment of surfaces.

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    Keep out of the reach of children / If medical advice is needed, have container or label ready

    The mixture is classified as not dangerous according to regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP].

    This product complies with the requirements of the directives 2004/42 / EG and 2010/79 / EU on the limitation of the VOC content.

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