Wall Facades Impregnator Sealer Grouting Waterproof Protection W870 5-20L

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Größe: 5L
Sale price€37,90


  • For masonry materials such as clinker masonry, brickwork, natural stone, exterior plaster, concrete, fiber cement or limestone
  • A high-quality primer for variable walls and ceilings
  • Water repellent / permeable for water vapor / frost resistant / UV resistant / alkali resistant
  • Protects against moisture; wall optics remains intact (colorless primer)
  • Made in Germany

W557 - Rapid renovation paint is highly opaque and particularly suitable as an insulating coating for nicotine, smoke and dried-out water stains. Ideal for critical interior areas that need to be renovated quickly (e.g. hotels, restaurants, event rooms, etc.).

Product features:

  • Suitable for ceilings, walls, wallpaper, styrofoam etc.
  • High coverage
  • Silky gloss
  • Insulating paint
  • High degree of whiteness
  • Long range: 5-8 m2 / liter (depending on the surface)

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