Iron Oxide Powder Pigment Colour for Concrete Paint Floor Clay Ceramic Color Pigments W120 5-25Kg

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Farbe: Vert
Größe: 5Kg
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  • Coloring of concrete, plaster, clinker and calcium sulphate (2x5kg)
  • Storage: in closed rooms, dry and protect from contamination
  • You can also use our coloring powder to color oil, lime, glue or emulsion paints
  • High pigment content / Lightfast and weatherproof
  • Finely ground / Inorganic
  • Chemical resistant / Very stable / For inside and outside
  • Non-toxic to health and ecology
  • Pigment paint for uniform coloring of concrete
  • Colored terrace slabs, stepped slabs, paving stones or wall cladding can be used to create special accents in the home and garden.
  • Consumption: approx. 5% of the volume weight. The exact color can only be determined by a sample, as it depends on the mixture used (cement, sand).

The consumption of the pigments should be used according to the desired intensity. Approx. 5% pigment on the amount of cement added. Iron oxide pigments are used as colorants in paints, coatings and sealants, as well as for coloring plastics and building materials. Areas of application: coloring of emulsion paints, oxide paints and varnishes, coloring of concrete, plaster or paving stones, coloring of ceramics, coloring of clay etc.

Product characteristics:

  • Micronized
  • Inorganic
  • High proportion of pigment
  • Very stable
  • Chemically resistant
  • Light-water-weatherproof
  • Non-toxic to health

    Technical data: Content: 90%, color strength: 95% - 105%, powder strength: 40-50my, water-soluble: 0.5%, sieve residue: 0.55%, pH value: 3 - 7, oil requirement: 25, volatile components at 105 ° C: 1%

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