Thermal roof paint base color renovation tiles housetop coating W524 1-20L

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Farbe: RAL 1001 Beige
Größe: 750ml
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Energy-saving primer coat suitable for roof renovation

Energy saving through reflection of the heat

Easy processing with a roller, brush or spray device

Consumption = approx. 5m2 / liter / professional container EN-certified

Weather-resistant / UV-resistant / water and dirt repellent


  • Energy-saving base coat suitable for roof coating
  • Energy saving by reflecting the heat
  • Saves energy and heating costs by optimizing the heating effect

    For simple and long-term renovation of roofs without expensive and unnecessary roofing work.

    This quality product, made in Germany, can also be easily applied by inexperienced users with a brush, roller or spray device. W524 can be used on both tiled and metal roofs.

    You can achieve a long-term and visually appealing renovation of your roof in a simple and inexpensive way.

    W524 is also suitable for changing the color of your roof.

    Product data:

  • High coverage
  • Easy processing
  • Good attachment
  • Weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • Water and dirt repellent / permanently elastic
  • Open to diffusion = permeable to water vapor / breathable
  • Water-based / low odor emission
  • Can be used on bricks, roof tiles, Eternit (no asbestos), metal roofs, etc.
  • Сonsumption = approx. 5m2 / liter per coat (double coat recommended)
  • Processing with a roller, brush or spray device

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    Keep out of the reach of children / Wear protective gloves and protective clothing / After skin contact: Wash with plenty of soap and water / If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice / medical attention / Dispose of contents / container to hazardous waste

    This product complies with the requirements of the directives 2004/42 / EG and 2010/79 / EU on the limitation of the VOC content.

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