Caustic Soda Lye Leaching agent Alkali Cleaner W898 5-10L

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Größe: 5L
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Soda lye water cleaner

Deeply effective cleaner against stains and dirt

Suitable for cleaning toilets, coffee machines, windows, glasses and drains

Removes any stain on different surfaces

Made in Germany

Soda lye removes grease and incrustations and makes white laundry shine again. You can also use soda to clean toilets, coffee makers, windows, glasses, and drains.

Areas of application:

Removal of old oil stains: apply to the old oil paint with a sponge, leave to act for approx. 15 minutes, rinse with water and then allow to dry. Leaching of lacquered surfaces: Rub the surface to be leached, allow the soda lye to take effect for approx. 5 minutes and wash off with water. Now the rough surface can be freshly treated. Graying out white laundry: Simply soak laundry in soda water before the washing machine (only suitable for white cotton clothing).

Algae and mold: To do this, apply soda lye to the wooden surface with a brush and scrub off. Grease & dirt e.g. on pots or pans: Simply bring the soda lye in the pot to a boil. Wooden surfaces should be checked for compatibility before treatment. Sensitive fabrics such as aluminum, wool or silk should be treated according to the principle: "Less is more".

Before treatment, the area should be removed from dirt and dry. Spray the ready-to-use solution neat or apply it to the area to be treated with an old watering can. Let it take effect and DO NOT rinse. It is an automatic cleaner. After about 24 hours, the dirt disappears without much effort. If the infestation is very stubborn, simply repeat the process.

Product data

  • Consumption: 1L for approx. 5-6m²
  • Package contents: 5L 10L

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