Swimming Pool Paint Coating SL400 1-20L

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Farbe: RAL 5012 Light blue
Größe: 750ml
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  • Coverage = approx. 8m² / l - with one coat / easy processing / non-toxic pigments
  • Swimming pool coating / pool coating suitable for surfaces made of concrete, masonry, plaster
  • Abrasion-resistant, scratch- and impact-resistant swimming pool paint / unsaponifiable resins, plasticizers
  • Swimming pool color suitable for swimming pool, pool, fish basin, fish pond, rainwater collection basin
  • Suitable for repainting as well as for pool refreshment or pool renovation.
  • Swimming Pool Color Suitable For Swimming Pool Fish Basin Rainwater Collection Basin Pool
  • Fresh water, chlorine but also aggressive media such as road salt, urea etc. are no problem.

The SL400 by WOLFGRUBEN WERKE is a quick-drying, highly water-resistant and scratch and impact-resistant swimming pool paint. A top coat with lightfast, non-toxic pigments, non-saponifiable resin and plasticizers.


SL400 is now completely FREE OF CHLORINE RUBBER and therefore clearly environmentally friendly to manufacture, low odor and free of harmful solvent vapors. In its new, state-of-the-art form, the SL400 is also significantly more resistant to oils and fats (such as sun lotions and creams from bathers), which chlorinated rubber-based paints can dissolve.
  • The SL400 is also suitable for protecting fish ponds!
  • For coating surfaces made of concrete, foil or for refurbishing older objects that have already been coated with chlorinated rubber paint or are exposed to permanent water pollution after the coating has dried.

    Product data:

  • Degree of gloss: silk gloss
  • Consumption: approx. 1L / 8qm
  • This product contains max. 499 g / l VOC.
  • Areas of application: swimming pools, paddling pools, fish ponds, rainwater collecting basins. For all permanent underwater concrete, cement, steel and foil substrates.

    Your advantages at a glance

  • extremely lightfast
  • weatherproof
  • quick drying
  • easy processing high water resistance scratch and impact resistant suitable for fish tanks

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    Flammable liquid and vapor / May cause drowsiness or dizziness / Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects

    Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other types of ignition sources. No smoking / Keep container tightly closed / In case of fire: Use dry powder or sand for extinguishing / Keep in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool / Dispose of contents / container to problematic case

    The mixture is classified as not dangerous according to the regulation
    (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP].

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