Liquid foil sealing coating material Gray SL600 5-10L

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Größe: 5L
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SL600 is a good seal against moisture

Easy to work with by rolling, brushing or trowelling.

Suitable for plaster of paris, plasterboard, gypsum fiber, plaster, concrete, masonry, stone, screed

High-quality sealing against moisture in sanitary and damp rooms, e.g. bathroom, shower, washroom, kitchen, cellar, etc.

Ready-to-use, waterproof, elastic barrier for substrates

Product data

Product description:

Liquid foil has been developed to protect surfaces from solvents and dust in dry areas. The surface is covered with the liquid film. Can also be applied to painted surfaces (please test on an inconspicuous area beforehand). To remove it, it can be loosened with water.

The liquid film is a high-quality seal against moisture in sanitary and damp rooms, e.g. bathroom, shower, washroom, kitchen, cellar etc. under tiles, slabs, marble, ceramic coverings and natural stone against non-pressing water. It is suitable for various substrates such as stone, screed, masonry, concrete, plaster, gypsum, plasterboard and gypsum fiber. Also compatible with silicone sealants, solvent-free coatings and most commercially available tile adhesives.

Further properties:

  • ready to use and impermeable to water
  • solvent-free
  • good adhesion
  • highly elastic
  • easy to apply with a brush, roller or spatula
  • waterproof
  • for flexible sealing of substrates
  • for walls and floors

    The liquid foil can be applied with a brush or a lambskin roller. The surface should be completely covered, depending on the layer thickness and temperature, the drying time is 2-3 hours.

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