2-Pack ​Epoxy Resin Floor Sealer Floor Concrete Clear/Colorless W734 1,5-20Kg

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  • Glossy, colorless 2-com. epoxy resin floor sealant
  • Consumption: approx. 200-300g/m2 per coat; 1.5kg up to 7.5m² l 3kg up to 15m²| 6kg up to 25m² l 9kg up to 50m² l 20kg up to 100m²
  • Durable impact and abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to gasoline, oil, tar
  • Ideal as a garage coating for mineral surfaces e.g. concrete, cement, screed.
  • Also for basements, workshops, warehouses, production halls, industrial halls, factory halls etc.
  • Serves as a final seal and protective coating
  • Mixing ratio is 2:1 (color: Hardener)
  • Material can be painted or rolled
  • Note: The pot life is 60-90 minutes. Process the mixed material in the specified pot life

Product data

Colorless epoxy resin sealer for floors and walls indoors and outdoors

Suitable for workshop, industrial hall, parking structures, terrace, agriculture, as a garage floor sealant and more. Provides good chemical resistance.

The 2-Pack epoxy sealer is low viscosity and capillary active. It therefore penetrates well into the finest pores and capillaries, even at low temperatures. Furthermore, it is impermeable to carbon dioxide and thus protects reinforced concrete surfaces sustainably against carbonation.

Product features:

  • 2-Pack epoxy coating with excellent solvent resistance
  • For interior and exterior, in satin finish
  • For concrete and cement, also for hard asphalt screed and fiberglass
  • Impact and abrasion resistant / Chemical resistant
  • Binds dust, solidifies the surface
  • Easy application by means of epoxy roller

    Technical specifications:

  • Spreading rate: approx. 200-300 g/m2; per coat. 2 coats are recommended.
  • Mixing ratio is 2: 1 (color: hardener)

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